The Schermer

The Schermer windmills

In the Land of Leeghwater, there were a lot of windmills which pumped water out of the large lakes. Today we live and work on this fertile land, which in some places lies at 4 metres (12 feet) below sea level. These former lakes are called reclaimed land (or, in Dutch: droogmakerij). The windmills on the reclaimed land of the Schermer worked so well that people here switched to pumping-stations for controlling water levels much later than anywhere else. That is why so many windmills have been preserved up to today.



Visiting De Museummolen (The Museum Windmill) at Schermerhorn is a special experience. Here you can see how the mill was constructed and how people used to live in it. From the top of the mill there is a spectacular view. You can also feel and hear the windmill shake and squeak when the wind catches the wings and the mill moves the water.

North from the Museum Windmill is the Museumgemaal (Museum Pumping-station) Wilhelmina. This pumping-station took over the job of more than ten windmills between1928 and 1995.

Apart from windmills for pumping water, the Land of Leeghwater also had windmills for milling grain, such as the De Otter mill in Oterleek, and De Nachtegaal north of Middenbeemster.

For more information about the mills see Schermer Molens.

Along the Schermer Molens and through the Schermer there are various walking- and bikingroutes. At the VVV De Rijp and the Museummolen leaflets, books and maps are available.









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